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What kind of a camp is Volleyball Express?

Volleyball Express is an individual skills volleyball specific training camp. The camp is open to any campers limited only by age, gender or grade level. Campers are tested on the first day (Sunday afternoon after registration)and are broken into groups based on their skill level and athletic ability. Campers are not separated by age. The camp has a wide array of skill levels, from beginners to very advanced players. Campers will receive training at their position on the court that they are assigned. We offer a consistent, systematic approach of teaching, and through maximum repetition of the skills, campers correctly learn and improve their skills in order to take their individual game to the next level. The camp is located at Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA.

What volleyball skills are covered?

We teach ALL of the individual skills as well as team offense, defense, and serve receive. There is plenty of repetition in all of the volleyball skills that a complete volleyball player requires. We start with defense, then passing, setting, serving, and hitting/blocking. We teach team offense, defense, and serve receive in order to prepare for the camp tournament on the last day. Parents are welcome to come and watch the camp tournament that begins at 8:30 AM on Wednesday and concludes at 11:00 AM.

Note: Campers may need to play multiple positions in the camp tournament depending on camp numbers as it relates to duplicate player positions.

What kind of training do we cover?

We introduce proper jump training techniques to the campers in a unique jump training session. We also teach jump training and water conditioning in the pool immediately following the jump training session. We also expose the campers to proper weight training techniques. Our camp is very volleyball specific and we address every aspect of volleyball training as to what we feel a complete volleyball player needs.

What is the ratio of campers to court coach?

There are 12-14 campers per court coach.

What is a typical day like?

Below is an outline of a typical day*:
6:30- 7:30 A.M. Optional morning session
7:15- 8:00 Breakfast
8:00-8:20 Demonstration
8:20-11:20 Morning session
11:30-1:00 Lunch
12:15- 1:00 Optional Open Gym/Setter Training
1:00- 1:20 Demonstration
1:20-4:00 Afternoon session
4:30- 6:00 Dinner
5:30-6:15 Optional Open Gym/Setter Training
6:00- 6:20 Demonstration
6:20- 9:00 Evening session
9:15- 9:45 Lecture
10:00-10:30 In rooms
11:00 P.M. Lights out

*Campers are assigned to one of two "waves" for the camp. Requests will NOT be permitted for campers to be placed on the same wave or on the same court. All above times are approximate depending on what wave the campers are assigned. There are three 2 hour mandatory sessions per day(morning, afternoon, and evening), and three optional sessions per day, so besides breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the campers can be in the gym all day long. The first optional session begins at 6:30 AM. In the optional sessions, the campers can take advantage of working on the skills that they may be having difficulty with, or practice more position specific skills as well. Additionally, there are setter specific training sessions in the afternoon and evening open gyms for both beginners and advanced players. If a camper attends all of the open gyms, she will have worked with every one of our coaches because they are each assigned to an open gym throughout the camp.

Where do I find the Medical Statement and Release Form?

The Medical statement and Release form is on the home page and on the registration page of the website. It will also be included in the attachments when your confirmation of acceptance letter is e-mailed to you. The Medical Statement and Release form must be filled out, signed by a parent or guardian, and mailed to Volleyball Express BEFORE the camp begins.
Volleyball Express
1384 Megan Drive
State College, PA 16803

How do I purchase a Meal Plan if I am a Commuter?

Please call or e-mail the camp office for Meal Plan rates. You may choose the full meal plan(breakfast, lunch, and dinner), Lunch only, Dinner only, or the Lunch and Dinner plan.

What time is camp registration? Camp conclusion?

Registration is on Sunday, from 12:30 to 2:30 PM at the Juniata College Kennedy Sports and Recreation Center. The first session begins at 2:45 PM. The camp concludes on Wednesday at 11:00 AM. Parents can come to watch the camp tournament on Wednesday, which begins at 8:30 AM and concludes at 11:00 AM. Parents need to report to the Kennedy Sports and Recreation Center in order to locate the court that their child is playing on. All of the camp details will be included in the confirmation of acceptance letter that is e-mailed within 14 days of registration.

What gymnasiums will Volleyball Express use with the 2020 main gym renovation taking place this summer In the Kennedy Sports and Recreation Center?

Volleyball Express will use the Juniata College Kennedy Sports and Recreation Center upstairs intramural gymnasium with three indoor courts, and the adjacent Huntingdon High School and Middle School gymnasiums with four air-conditioned indoor courts.

Where will the campers stay at Juniata College?

Volleyball Express campers will be staying in the AIR-CONDITIONED East Houses on campus.

Frequently Asked Questions